In focus astronomy is proud to partner with the following organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Logo Credit: American Prairie Reserve

Logo Credit: American Prairie Reserve

American prairie reserve

A Montana-based nonprofit, American Prairie Reserve strives to purchase and hold titles to private lands that are carefully managed for wildlife conservation and public access. In Focus Astronomy offers deep space and solar experiences at an amazing facility situated on roughly 400,000 acres of American prairie!


Montana Outdoor Science School

“We inspire curiosity, awareness, and understanding of nature and science through quality educational experiences. We engage people through exploration and learning, and prepare students to care for the extraordinary place we call home.”

In Focus Astronomy is proud to offer PLACE Based astronomy tours to students of the Montana Outdoor Science School!

Earth2Sky Photography

Earth2Sky Photography

Earth2sky photography

"We specialize in landscape, macro and "nightscape/night" photography."
All of the stunning nightscapes featured on our website were taken by Shane Mayer-Gawlik, the owner of Earth2Sky Photography, a Bozeman based collaborative photography company. 


Big Sky youth empowerment (byep)

“Big Sky Youth Empowerment provides opportunities for at-risk teenagers from Gallatin County, Montana, to experience success. Our goal is to equip the youth with the skills to make educated decisions towards an empowered and independent future.”

Throughout the year, BYEP students will join In Focus Astronomy for empowering and inspiring stargazing experiences under the big sky.

Logo Credit: Nechromatic Painting

Logo Credit: Nechromatic Painting

Nechromatic Painting

Nechromatic Painting is owned by Renée Vogelle, a Fine Arts alum from Alfred University. Renee designed the logo for In Focus Astronomy, and is looking forward to designing more promotional images in the future.



“For all children to have the opportunity to grow, succeed, and become valuable members of our community.”

Thrive offers nationally recognized programming, meeting the needs for Bozeman families to grow and thrive in our community. As ambassadors of science, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ equality, In Focus Astronomy leads empowering and educational programming to thrive participants.